Jul 10, 2013

BORN Ryoga's old band BLUEチョコレヱト

A few days ago, May showed me a song "Kurage no onna" by band BLUEチョコレヱト (BLUE chokoreeto / BLUE chocolate), which was BORN Ryoga's former band during 2002/2003.

You can listen to the song here.

Well, since we both love Ryoga, we just had to dig up some information about that band, and especially about a Ryoga from 10 years ago!
Unfortunately, we didn't find as much as we hoped for, but I'd like to share some of the things we came accross ^-^
Most pictures we found were broken, though, so there's mostly text. (I could still cry because the other members profile pictures were still working on their old OHP, only Ryoga's did not *sob*)

First, some info taken from the ARK PROJECT:

Name: Ryou
Part: Vocal
Height/Weight: 169cm/54kg
Blood type: AB
Origin: Tokyo and Kanagawa
Hobby/Special skill: Bebop / handkerchief (?)
Favourite color: Black
Favourite food: mandarin orange
Disliked food: green pepper
Favourite drink: Cola
Favourite cigarettes: I hate it
Favourite artist: Uehara Azumi, Shiina Ringo
Favourite performer: Goto Maki, Matsuura Aya
A place I often go to to have fun: Enoshima, the city, Shounan
Your favourite song of your band: ぐち [Guchi]
Favourite type of girl: I like girlish girls with silky hair
What you do on your days off: Relaxing at home and sleep
When was your first love: My first serious love was in my 3rd primary school year
Describe your band in one word: Guilty
A message to your fans: Please step on me more

Next is from their old mobile OHP:

"Ryou. Singing songs. Birthday 3.7. Blood type AB. Origin is Shounan and some place in Tokyo. Smoking uncontrollably. I like coming back from school on Saturdays. I seem to be gentle, but the truth is I don't like stiff/stubborn people."

I found several versions of their OHP... this is the one with Ryou's not working profile pic.... *sob*

As mentioned before, the other members' (Takaya&Tokimune) pics are still working ;-;

Another version of the OHP... omg that pic...
Profle pictures are all not working though...

Live schedule ^O^
Interesting because they had an event together with Gazette on 15.02.2003!! 8D
Their kaisan live was on 04.04 of the same year though...

The actual gem of our search, however, was Ryou's personal homepage! 8D
Well, there was not much on it anymore... again, I found various versions of it, and on one there's Ryou's old blog with 92 pages, some of which are not working anymore... but some blog entries even conatined pictures 8D most of them are already out on the net though...

Well, we both found the design of his site extremely cute though 8D


 Looks like he still had the site during RENNY AMY's time ^-^
He had another short profile bit on one of the versions...

"Name...Ryou. Birthday...3.7. Hobbies...relaxing alone while listening to various kinds of music. Lately I've been listening to capsule and others a lot. I'm listening to various stuff. Family structure...Im living together with my mother and my cat in a high class apartment where the Odakyu Line passes by."

And that was it already...
I love all that stuff from the past, so this was worth making an entry for ^-^
It's also a chance of getting to know more about a favourite men, so yeah, I hope you liked it!