Jul 24, 2015

[lyrics translation] BORN - DEMONS

Incarnation of a devil
It's blinded by the love which doesn't materialize
You are so beautiful that my eyes become dizzy So I ended up touching you

If we could keep dreaming like this we would have lived in the same moment forever

I am a dirty devil
You of an angel not dirty are frightened

When I realized how violently we wanted each other you already went far away

It was an encounter that cannot be forgiven
Even though I should have known it from the beginning

I wish far away If I showed you my feelings
Would you scream out of fear? The malice which goes
I wish far away Let's spend one last night
I want to take away all of you Let's kill our breath and sleep

You are beautiful...
Please do not reject me...
Dinner for a devil

Embracing your corpse The ideal is torn to pieces

I wish far away I'm drowning in a sea of fresh blood
No matter how many times I touch your lips I indulge in love
I wish far away This moment melted into you
Sadly, faintly, it is shining This love of death that is blooming out of season



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