Jan 29, 2016

[translation] BORN - various quotes from vif-music

Various quotes from here. All over the place.

Ryoga: BORNは俺にとっての全てです。
(during the MC) "BORN is my everything."

Ryoga: 解散についてすごく悩みました。でも仲が悪くなったとかじゃなくて、むしろメンバーの仲はすごくいいんです。解散の話をしたことによって、よりみんなの仲が良くなった気がする。
I was very worried about disbanding. However, the relationship [among the members] is not bad at all, rather our relationship is very very good. Ever since talking about disbanding, I feel that our relationship has become even stronger.

Ryoga: 「ライブで言って良かった。自分たちにはファンの涙を受け止める責任があるから」
(after the live) "I'm glad we could announce it at a live. It was our duty to receive the tears of the fans ourselves."

K: 当日を迎えてもまだ実感がないんですよ。ファンの子に伝えて初めて実感するのかもしれない。今は怖いです。
The appointed day has come but it still does not feel real. I wonder if it will start to feel real when we tell the fans. Right now, I am scared.

K: 自分たちでちゃんと生でファンに伝えようっていうのも自分たちで決めたし、BORNは最後の最後まで男らしいなと思います。
We have decided together that we will tell the fans properly face to face, I guess that's how BORN will be manly until the bitter end.

K: 前に、「BORNに何かあった時はちゃんと言ってください」ってファンの子に言われたこともあったんですけど、その約束は守れたんじゃないかな。
I have been told by fans before that "if something happens to BORN please tell us properly", however, it seems like I could not keep that promise.

Ray: BORNが好きって言ってくれる子も、他にも好きなバンドがいると思うし、これから好きになるバンドもできると思う。そのバンドをどんどん応援してあげてほしいです。「このバンドも好きだけどBORNも好きだったな」ってどこかで思い出してもらえたら嬉しい。
I think that the fans who say that they love BORN certainly also have other bands they like and will have other bands that they like in the future. I want you to shower these bands with your support. I am very happy if you think sometimes "I love this band, but I also loved BORN just as much".

Ray: 解散してもBORNの曲は残ります。もしかすると何年後かにiPodでシャッフルしていて、聴くことがあるかもしれない。そういう時にスキップされないバンドでいたいな。
Even if we disband, BORN's songs will remain. Maybe in some years time when you put your iPod on shuffle you will listen to them sometimes. When that time comes I wish that we are a band that you won't skip.

TOMO: うちは元々、メンバー同士で飲みに行ったりしていたんですよ。前は1対1とかだったんですけど、解散が決まって、4人みんなで行ったり、美央も含めて5人で行ったりするようになりました。隠し事がなくなったというか、腹を割って話せるようになったと思う。
From the very start I often went drinking with the members. Usually it was just with one member or whatever, but when we decided to disband we were four, and we also took Mio along so we were all five. There were no secrets, and we could talk very openly.

Jan 25, 2016

[blog] Ryoga - 2016.01.25



I guess I ended up breaking everyone's heart with that sudden announcement.

I barely have any memory of when the live had ended and I went home, or of yesterday.

I guess I did nothing but stay in bed.

And then today I read all the fanmail I got.

I've received many thoughts and emotions.

No matter what, I wanted to tell everyone personally.

For a band who grew up at lives, it was only the right thing to announce our final decision at a live as well.

When I told everyone, it felt so much more difficult, sad and painful, than I had ever imagined.

However, it was the first time in my life when I felt like that.

Just this was how big that existence was. That of BORN.

Maybe some of you guys thought that announcing it that directly was too harsh.

I'm really sorry.

But all of you guys who cried, who endured it just looking at the stage, who stood there drumbstruck from shock.

So many of your expressions have burned themselves into my eyes.

Thank you.

You can read the details of how the disbanding came about on the homepage.

We have really become loved, and now that we came to this, I feel it more strongly.

BORN will pass on May 26 at Zepp DiverCity.

Until then we will have the PSC tour, DIE or DIE, BDM and so on. I am going to spend it with the best comrades ever.

We will certainly become worn out.

And I will drag that worn-out body  to stand at Zepp DiverCity.

That's somehow really BORN-like, right. I think.

I fell the special bonds with everyone who has supported BORN until now.

Surely there will be many people who will know BORN hereafter, too.

I want to thrust BORN in front of these people as well.

I want to wrap them up in the heat/passion of the BORN we have created together with you guys.

I have not yet forgotten our fighting pose.

No, it will be even more ruthless than before.

This is all I can think right now.

We will pierce through everything.

There are many of you who are worried about not hearing anything from me after the last live ended.

I have conveyed everything that's inside of my heart right now by writing this blog post.

As soon as I have calmed down, I will write another one.

Thank you for reading.

I love you.


Nov 19, 2015

[twitter] Ryoga - 2015.11.19

While TOMO was singing on stage yesterday, I put on a face mask and snuck myself in to the live hall among the fans. It's really fun to be a bangyaru. Ah, I'm so happy. It was terrific. When the members noticed me, my heart was beating so fast. When I looked up to the stage while moshing, the members passed by too quickly. It was like a merry-go-round. All of you, never stop being a bangya.

Dear lord, I love this man.

Oct 23, 2015

[new gets] WRouge - BORN Collaboration

Ein von Toki & may (@saba_ni_notte) gepostetes Foto am

Was in the mail recently ♥
It's beautifully detailled and the fabric feels very soft and comfy, it's somewhat thin though.

[twitter] 22.10.2015 - TOMO

Have you seen the Q&A thingy in Vijuttoke!? What I and Ryoga answered on "what would you take with you on an isolated island"... We didn't know what the other answered so when we saw it we burst out laughing (laugh) This is absolutely awesome! 

Aug 7, 2015

@_BORN_K: 9.6 赤坂BLITZで

4.26 新宿BLAZE ワンマン

LIVE DVD発売決定!!

SKINでラップ中の俺(笑) http://t.co/XToQF8n9ZS

BORN will release their oneman from 26.04.2015 on DVD which you'll be able to get at their live on 06.09.2015 at their tour final in Akasaka BLITZ 

Aug 3, 2015

WRouge x BORN Collaboration

Jul 31, 2015

Jul 26, 2015

[new gets] BORN, Gossip-ゴシップ-, LEZARD, アルルカン, グリーヴァ

I haven't updated this blog since Japan so... here we go, let's catch up!
It's still not complete because it's been too long and I generally have no clue anymore about our new gets (´ Д`)
We also moved to another town in May so we're kinda behind on everything...

Anyways, let's see what we've got since April...

LEZARD - Hanasaka jinsei A Type
LEZARD - Hanasaka jinsei B Type
LEZARD - Hanasaka jinsei Zeal Link DVD

LEZARD - TACC & Kohsuke cheki
LEZARD - Rubber band

BORN - chekis of all band members
BORN - S.O.B Parka

Grieva - 妄想主義者ノ背徳。

Grieva - Fake
Grieva - 操リ人間
Grieva - 絶望ノ朝
Gossip-ゴシップ- - R-18※注.アールシテイと呼びます。
アルルカン - 道化ノ華 Type B
アルルカン - ステラ Type A



Jul 24, 2015

[lyrics translation] BORN - DISASTER


Alternative hope?
Alternative Dope?

JESUS ni te wo awase inori wo koute
watasareta no wa kakubakudan & RINGO no ki
ai to shizen de michita chi wo omoeba
gaiaku wo kesu koto nado tayasui darou

Alternative hope?
Alternative Dope?

kimi wa umarete kara ikutsu mo no inochi [1] wo kowashita n'dai?
kimi wa umarete kara ikutsu mo no inochi [1] wo shoku shita n'dai?

jinrui no minna te to te wo tsunaide me wo tsumutte saa kangaeru n'da
jinrui no minna mou wakaru darou kimitachi nante doku de shika nai n'da

CULT janai REAL da yo
nigenaide uketomete

arasoi wa mou owari da sentakushi nado nai yo
hana ya kigi ga totemo odayaka ni waraiau
sonna sekai wo nozonde iru no darou?
osoreru na shikata ga nai tsumi to batsu aragaenai
chi de chi wo arai totemo gouman na yoku ni ueru
gisei wo towanai jinrui yo kiesaru toki da

ima sara nakiwameite mo kami wa yurushite wa kurenai
ima sara nakiwameite mo hoshi wa yurushite wa kurenai
ima sugu iki no ne tomero

Alternative hope?
Alternative Dope?

kimi wa umarete kara ikutsu mo no inochi wo shoku kowashita n'dai?
kimi wa umarete kara ikutsu mo no inochi wo shoku shita n'dai?
kowashita n'dai?
shokushita n'dai?
kowasarerubeki wa hito [1] da


Alternative hope?
Alternative Dope?

Join your hands for Jesus and beg him in a prayer
What you will get are nuclear weapons & an apple tree
If you thought that the earth is full of love and nature
Would it be easy to erase all evil?

Alternative hope?
Alternative Dope?

How many lives have you destroyed since you were born?
How many lives have you eaten since you were born?

Everyone of mankind Join your hands Close your eyes Well, I'm thinking
Everyone of mankind Do you finally understand? All of you are nothing but poison

It's not a cult it's reality
Accept it without running away

The disputes are now over There is no alternative
The flowers and the trees laugh very quietly together
Is this the world that you wanted?
Being afraid is inevitable Crime and punishment Don't fight against it
Wash blood with blood and starve from your haughty desire
Humanity that doesn't care about the victims It's time to disappear

It's too late to cry now The gods won't forgive us
It's too late to cry now The stars won't forgive us
Stop breathing right now [2]

Alternative hope?
Alternative Dope?

How many lives have you destroyed since you were born?
How many lives have you eaten since you were born?
Have you destroyed?
Have you eaten?
What should be destroyed is mankind

1. Written as 生命 / seimei = life, existence
2. In other words... just die now @ mankind
3. Written as 人間 / ningen = human beings, but Ryoga just sings 人 / hito