BLACK gang can go ZERO was created as a random VK blog. Therefore, the content from this blog ranges from simple Youtube video posts to longer posts like a furitsuke guide. Toki also found a new place to post her (lyrics) translations after abandoning her old place at Livejournal. This is a very carefree blog, updated without any pressure from anyone.

Still, if you find anything on this blog interesting, please don't take any content without permission, and never repost without giving credit.

-- Toki
25. 160cm. Studied Japanese for way too long and still having no clue. 4 years at university and still nowhere near fluent. Therefore, my translations might not be 100% accurate, but I'm doing my best! Living together with my wonderful girlfriend May in Switzerland. Curently working as an IT "specialist". My pride is my Visual kei collection which is constantly growing. Spends money on CDs and merch, saves it for another trip to Tokyo. Loves fashion, food and watching random documentaries about almost anything on TV. Casual gamer. Minecraft. A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones. Visual kei lover since 2004.
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