Jan 25, 2016

[blog] Ryoga - 2016.01.25



I guess I ended up breaking everyone's heart with that sudden announcement.

I barely have any memory of when the live had ended and I went home, or of yesterday.

I guess I did nothing but stay in bed.

And then today I read all the fanmail I got.

I've received many thoughts and emotions.

No matter what, I wanted to tell everyone personally.

For a band who grew up at lives, it was only the right thing to announce our final decision at a live as well.

When I told everyone, it felt so much more difficult, sad and painful, than I had ever imagined.

However, it was the first time in my life when I felt like that.

Just this was how big that existence was. That of BORN.

Maybe some of you guys thought that announcing it that directly was too harsh.

I'm really sorry.

But all of you guys who cried, who endured it just looking at the stage, who stood there drumbstruck from shock.

So many of your expressions have burned themselves into my eyes.

Thank you.

You can read the details of how the disbanding came about on the homepage.

We have really become loved, and now that we came to this, I feel it more strongly.

BORN will pass on May 26 at Zepp DiverCity.

Until then we will have the PSC tour, DIE or DIE, BDM and so on. I am going to spend it with the best comrades ever.

We will certainly become worn out.

And I will drag that worn-out body  to stand at Zepp DiverCity.

That's somehow really BORN-like, right. I think.

I fell the special bonds with everyone who has supported BORN until now.

Surely there will be many people who will know BORN hereafter, too.

I want to thrust BORN in front of these people as well.

I want to wrap them up in the heat/passion of the BORN we have created together with you guys.

I have not yet forgotten our fighting pose.

No, it will be even more ruthless than before.

This is all I can think right now.

We will pierce through everything.

There are many of you who are worried about not hearing anything from me after the last live ended.

I have conveyed everything that's inside of my heart right now by writing this blog post.

As soon as I have calmed down, I will write another one.

Thank you for reading.

I love you.




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