Jan 29, 2016

[translation] BORN - various quotes from vif-music

Various quotes from here. All over the place.

Ryoga: BORNは俺にとっての全てです。
(during the MC) "BORN is my everything."

Ryoga: 解散についてすごく悩みました。でも仲が悪くなったとかじゃなくて、むしろメンバーの仲はすごくいいんです。解散の話をしたことによって、よりみんなの仲が良くなった気がする。
I was very worried about disbanding. However, the relationship [among the members] is not bad at all, rather our relationship is very very good. Ever since talking about disbanding, I feel that our relationship has become even stronger.

Ryoga: 「ライブで言って良かった。自分たちにはファンの涙を受け止める責任があるから」
(after the live) "I'm glad we could announce it at a live. It was our duty to receive the tears of the fans ourselves."

K: 当日を迎えてもまだ実感がないんですよ。ファンの子に伝えて初めて実感するのかもしれない。今は怖いです。
The appointed day has come but it still does not feel real. I wonder if it will start to feel real when we tell the fans. Right now, I am scared.

K: 自分たちでちゃんと生でファンに伝えようっていうのも自分たちで決めたし、BORNは最後の最後まで男らしいなと思います。
We have decided together that we will tell the fans properly face to face, I guess that's how BORN will be manly until the bitter end.

K: 前に、「BORNに何かあった時はちゃんと言ってください」ってファンの子に言われたこともあったんですけど、その約束は守れたんじゃないかな。
I have been told by fans before that "if something happens to BORN please tell us properly", however, it seems like I could not keep that promise.

Ray: BORNが好きって言ってくれる子も、他にも好きなバンドがいると思うし、これから好きになるバンドもできると思う。そのバンドをどんどん応援してあげてほしいです。「このバンドも好きだけどBORNも好きだったな」ってどこかで思い出してもらえたら嬉しい。
I think that the fans who say that they love BORN certainly also have other bands they like and will have other bands that they like in the future. I want you to shower these bands with your support. I am very happy if you think sometimes "I love this band, but I also loved BORN just as much".

Ray: 解散してもBORNの曲は残ります。もしかすると何年後かにiPodでシャッフルしていて、聴くことがあるかもしれない。そういう時にスキップされないバンドでいたいな。
Even if we disband, BORN's songs will remain. Maybe in some years time when you put your iPod on shuffle you will listen to them sometimes. When that time comes I wish that we are a band that you won't skip.

TOMO: うちは元々、メンバー同士で飲みに行ったりしていたんですよ。前は1対1とかだったんですけど、解散が決まって、4人みんなで行ったり、美央も含めて5人で行ったりするようになりました。隠し事がなくなったというか、腹を割って話せるようになったと思う。
From the very start I often went drinking with the members. Usually it was just with one member or whatever, but when we decided to disband we were four, and we also took Mio along so we were all five. There were no secrets, and we could talk very openly.



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